understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I know this good brother and sister, the Messengers, do not wish Me to say this, yet I am going to say it.

Do you realize, and I am sure many of you do, what it means for someone to be strong enough; to stand before the World and carry This Great Truth, which Beloved Saint Germain has brought forth, for the freedom of so many in so short a time? Do you wonder that We mention this?

You should not, for I tell you but for This Truth, destruction would have found America unguarded!

They in their Kindliness, Love and Humbleness have carried This Message with almost the Strength and Courage of an Ascended Being! So We congratulate them and you, for being able to accept the Great Truth personally; and apply It to your Freedom; but will you bear with Me, when I ask you to do it quickly?

You are no longer subject to your human creations or to the limitations which appear in the outer world. You who go forth from This Class, are FREE BEINGS, if you only knew it, with THAT which has been anchored within your feeling!

You are no longer subject to limitations of any kind; and if you will apply This Truth as asked, and refuse acceptance to all appearances; then you shall go forth quickly and release in the Fullness of Its Mighty Power, Freedom which I tell you is yours!”

The Great Divine Director

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