understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You may wonder why We continually pound, and pound, and pound, these Definite Explanations to mankind – because they must understand This Truth.

Those who refuse, will go on and spend many embodiments, before they have This Opportunity again; because those who pass out, consciously refusing This Knowledge today, will not be permitted to re-embody and gain the Glory which the next embodiment would bring.

When once the outer consciousness of mankind is given the Opportunity, and the stubbornness of the human and its ridicule, refuses acceptance to the Great Light and Truth of the Presence, then people will wait much longer than those who have not heard of It.

There is only one thing in all this world of human activity, which will not allow any one on the face of This Earth to accept the “Mighty I AM Presence”, and that is the accumulated stubbornness of the human mind and feeling, the outer activity of it!

So, today, I do congratulate you, Oh Beloved Children of the Earth! Seeing the Expansion of the Light within you and your sincere earnestness, with Great Joy, I came forth into your city – into your midst; to try once again to give you Our Assistance, which will enable you to attain quick, certain, Eternal Freedom from the acceptance – now mark you! from the acceptance any longer, of these appearances which have bound you so long.

Does it sound simple, when you are asked to refuse acceptance of these appearances, when your very Life-energy has fed them to terrify, harass and prevent your achievement?

You CAN turn from them now, in the Acknowledgment of your Presence; accept Its Perfection, the Mighty Currents of Energy flowing in, and thru your body, and out into your world; and have That Perfection now made manifest in your world out here.

That is a Great, Majestic Mighty Law which It is your Privilege to use.

So, today, every Assistance possible is being given to the sincere ones of mankind; to release them, not only from their own human creation drawn thru the centuries, but to give them the Great, Great and Wonderful Ascension – Free forever! from the wheel of birth and rebirth, which you have traced and retraced so many, many times.

It does not matter whether people believe This or not, It is the Great Law; and Its not concerned with human opinions!

It acts and those who cannot or will not accept It, will remain in the great wheel, embodiment after embodiment, until one day they wake up!”

The Great Divine Director

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