understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I am getting quite personal. Why do you suppose the Name the “Divine Director” was given to Me? Not by Myself or Associates; but because it is My Privilege to direct Certain Currents of Energy, Very Definite Light Substance!

When the Light within the Individual has expanded far enough, great enough; then, it is My Privilege to set aside time and space for that Individual; so one may more quickly enter into Freedom and Perfection, which the Expansion of the Light within discloses – please notice, I say, “discloses!”

I want you to feel, if you will, so close to Me that it enables Me to render This Service for you! You will one day, come to know what it has meant, in the Provision having been made; so This Good Messenger has been enabled to receive Our Dictations in This Manner. It means Wonderful Things to you all!

Will you from this day on, never allow your human self to feel anything which has been placed before you is unnecessary? The Use of the Violet Consuming Flame to set you Free from your human creation, is the ONLY MEANS in the world by which it can be done; and the need of charging your mind and body with the Perfection of the Presence, is imperative.

I plead with you, don’t neglect these simple things! No matter what your activity of the day is, you can if you will, charge your mind and body in the morning, with the Energy of the Presence; so no matter how hard the work of the day is, you can be rested at night.

Now please apply These Laws and experience the Freedom which your Application brings to you.

The Messengers have been compelled to prove This Truth in their own lives and they do it every day. Many of you are doing it, for you are Wholly Free, Precious Ones, in the Acknowledgment of your “I AM Presence”!

There is not a thing in the world, It will not do for you; if you will harmonize your feeling and call It into action, but be firm and definite about it! You know you cannot accomplish anything with a half wishy-washy way of doing it!

Be calm, firm and determined to have the Perfection of your Presence when you call It into action, and It cannot fail!”

The Great Divine Director

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