understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I wish to express this: “What the Messengers do for the students, they do under Direction. This Messenger, when He places his hand on the student like that, never places it there of his own volition. Remember this!

Please don’t urge Him to do a thing which He does not feel impelled to do! Please, Dear Students, don’t do those things with each other, unless you understand definitely what you are doing.

This Good Brother has been trained, as a Clear and Definite Channel for Our Operations, for Our Work; and We have charged the activity to give Him Joy, for the Tremendous service which He has rendered.

I want to say another word in commendation. When Our Precious Messengers returned from Honolulu, I called one into their midst and he has won a great Victory. In humble loving kindness he has served.

So, Dear Ones, all of you as Our Precious Messenger told you a few moments ago, have been chosen – not only by your “Mighty I AM Presence”, but by the Host of Ascended Masters; to be the Vanguard of This Great Perfection, which is coming swiftly into the world of manifestation of mankind. Notice I say “swiftly”.

Today, or since New Year’s Day a New and Greater Activity is taking place, within every one of your Precious Hearts. I want you to know this because, Dear Hearts, what is the use of telling something, unless you explain why and what the effects are to be.

Notice again, the Power of your attention. When I call your attention to an Activity, it means at that moment thru your attention, it enables Us to do the Thing, which is required to give you the Assistance. Once you know that and really begin to feel It within you, the moment your attention is called to something, a Great Onrush from your Presence goes into action within you, to produce the results which are requires.

Will you believe Me, when I tell you, within every one of you who has entered so earnestly into these Groups and those who were in the Shrine Class, a Very Definite Tremendous Activity is going on within you?

Never allow your human self to requalify anything which occurs within you, with anything but Perfection. There is nothing in this World to fear!”

The Great Divine Director

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