understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Is it not curious in the beginning of This Activity of the Messengers, quite a number of people thought, it was just another flash which would be soon passing out?

Well you have not yet become quite well enough acquainted with the Ascended Masters, to realize They do not start something, which They do not see the way to finish!

So, today, you are entering into an opportunity which will not only bring you Happiness and Freedom; but will enable you to render a Service Transcendent beyond even your fondest expectations now; and I say to you, Beloved Ones, never was mankind so favored.

You, today have every opportunity which the Heart can desire, as It is bursting Its bonds and entering Its Freedom. Think how long, the Heart has been held in bondage to the intellect.

What a Service was rendered by Beloved Saint Germain, when He brought This Knowledge of the “I AM Presence” forth to mankind! In the number today, who are earnestly applying the Law of the “I AM Presence”, what a Service has been rendered to mankind and the Earth!

I give My Gratitude to you, the Light having expanded thru you, for being able to accept and apply This Knowledge; which We are as anxious for you to have, as you could possibly be to have It. Is that not a good combination? I should say a Perfect Combination.

Now will you enter with Me into that Great Determination, to harmonize your feeling; to call your Presence into action; and then stand by in Its Light, until the fulfilling of that, whatever it may be, comes into manifestation?

I want to say a word to the Group Leaders here and everywhere throughout America. Do not feel you are forgotten. We are watching the Activity of every one; and the Group Leader who stands upon his or her own two feet and pours out Love and Blessings to That Group, will have all he or she can handle; but the Group Leader who is watching and criticizing other Group Leaders, will probably not have any.

You are entering, or have entered into definite Law and It acts, Precious Ones, according to your feeling to your associates! It is no one’s fault but yours, if you do not hold your associates about you; for only as mankind pours forth Ascended Master Love and Kindliness, do people love to be in the Individual’s atmosphere.

It is Law of your Being, which you must come to recognize now! You cannot longer deny It!

Therefore, Precious Ones, will you arouse yourselves into the Fullest Acknowledgement of your “I AM Presence”? Then, It cannot fail to come into action with clearness and definiteness in your own personal Self-control, thru your feeling.”

The Great Divine Director

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