understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In memory of all the Love which has been poured out to the Host of Ascended Masters, and in the recognition which has been given Each One, do you realize, Precious Ones of the Light, that is a power of the activity of your attention which has been required?

We have been waiting for that throughout the centuries, to direct forth the Currents of Energy which will help you to hold your attention more firmly, not only upon your “I AM Presence”; but on the Requirements for which you issue the Decrees, that produce Happiness and Perfection in your world.

Unless you saw, from the Inner standpoint, the enormous effect of a body of the Children of Light, as you have here tonight, issuing a Decree for blessing all mankind, you could not possibly comprehend what it means. Naturally, you gain from That Decree which calls forth a Definite Light Energy. Notice, did you ever here that term before – Light Energy?

I tell you, We are entering into a Greater Activity than you have ever known; and that is why, I call your attention to these Certain Expressions which We shall use in the future; to give you a greater conviction and quicken into action, the Qualities which We have anchored within your feeling world, to produce Harmony and Perfection for you.

You will not have the difficulty from New Year’s Day on, in holding firm to the Light within your feeling, which you have had in the past year.

While it is true, you are Beacon Lights in the world of mankind’s creation; yet, even though That Light grows greater, you shall not be affected by discordant things. That Light will ere long, be strong enough in Its Own Radiance, as It goes forth – to repel every discordant thing which attempts to touch your world.

Will you please accept It, as a Powerful Activity from tonight – acting within your world, your body, your mental activity?”

The Great Divine Director

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