understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“May I ask you to silence that human viciousness wherever you go and meet vain intellects which try to criticize these Books or that which goes forth in the Magazine because they are written in simple language?

That is all done for a purpose, so mankind may not be confused by involved terminology in any of the expressions used. The Ascended Masters could quite readily use such technical terminology that you could not understand a word of it, but that is not the purpose of this Work.

The purpose of this Light of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, as the Tall Master from Venus said in the beginning, is that It must come forth in simple language which mankind can understand, and be free from the confusion of oriental or technical terminology. Will you spread this Great Truth everywhere?

People having vain intellects try to complain. Think of it! Who in the world of human activity is authority? The human mind has concocted all kinds of things for itself and has created the most outlandish words for scientific explanation, when a word of four or five letters would have carried its meaning much more efficiently.

Wordiness and involved terminology is vanity of the intellect! Those precious ones do not know that; but such accumulated activity which has become dominant within them causes them to feel that in order to maintain authority, they must use so-called technical terminology.

Think of it, Precious Ones, those Great Beings, who have such Infinite Wisdom, always use simple language which even a child can understand! This is the need of humanity today, because the world – through the old occult methods of former schools, metaphysics of every description, religion, and science – has tried to clothe the Infinite, Wondrous, Beautiful Truth with technical terminology, and it has but clouded the understanding of mankind.

You today are fortunate enough to have come within the Radiance of Saint Germain and the simple Teaching which He has given forth. Yet it is so Majestic and All-powerful in Its Action that it should silence every intellect which would try to find fault with it.

So, if you will, you may render a great service by putting this before the people who complain that they think it should be in a more scientific language.

You see, Precious Ones, Those who really know are like a child in Their gentleness to mankind;  for the Great Master Jesus said with such Authority,  “Except as ye become as little children, ye cannot enter the Kingdom.”

Do you know just what that means to you today? It is just this. It means in humbleness, in kindness, gentleness, and gratitude is your Doorway into the Kingdom of Heaven, which is the “Mighty I AM”.

It fills the Earth with Its Happiness, Beauty, and Perfection, which is not found in the creations of mankind. All who enter into this Great Truth know quickly that the greatest happiness which they have ever known through human achievement or human contact, was but a fragment in comparison to the great flood of Joy and Happiness which comes from an Ascended Being or from your “Presence”, and We found that too.”

Beloved Pearl

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