understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We love you, Precious Ones, to whom Saint Germain has brought so much, and whom We love more than any words could ever tell in the World. Yet, We must love Our own “Mighty I AM Presence” first.

You know that is rather a difficult thing sometimes, when One has done so much for you. Only if you were in My position at the time he came to Me and began My training, could you possibly know what My feeling is tonight as I endeavor to describe briefly something of My Experience.

I found in the Rayborn home those kindred ones already prepared. Yet He had not permitted Me to say a word to Bob. Then I sent forth a Mighty Call to Saint Germain and I said, “Oh, isn’t it possible for Bob to have this Understanding, so We can go forth together?” That which occurred shortly afterwards proved My Call was answered.

Precious Ones, as in these Experiences which were Ours, do you not see that everyone of your Calls must be answered also?

It cannot fail, if you will follow what He tells you – give your love and adoration to your “Presence” first! Then if at any time you feel a little inability so far as your outer requirements are concerned, call to some One of the Ascended Masters. They will always answer.

It is the Law of Their Being and the Law of yours that every Call for Light, Freedom, and Understanding must be answered! If you are not aware of it immediately, please do not have a feeling that your Call has not been answered. It always is!

That is why tonight, and every day during the past twenty or more days, there has been pouring into your feeling world the Glory of Those who have been in your midst.

Try to feel, as I am sure you are more and more each day, the Great Reality of these Great Ascended Beings. They are so Real!

One day you shall know it; but until you do, will you not feel that Our Experience is Real, and that We bring It to you for your strength and encouragement; that you may feel closer, closer, and closer to Us, until all human doubts and questionings are forever dissolved and disappear from your world?”

Beloved Pearl

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