understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Think of it, Beloved Ones, beginning tomorrow with this Great Activity and Release of the Cosmic Light, there is being given the greatest Assistance mankind has ever had to free themselves from all human limitations, and to enter right now, today, into the steady – notice this – the steady, sure Activity of the Ascension.

As I look into your Hearts, while these Words are being flashed before this Beloved Messenger, and I see the ability within you, can you Imagine My Feeling and My Determination to quicken, awaken, and bring forth into action that which I know and see to be there within you?

Now, We shall not give any more quarter to the human accumulation. It has no power to limit you any longer!

I congratulate our Beloved Donald and Marjory in the recent determined stand they have taken for the Victory. If they will just hold steady to that, how quickly they can be free!

In many of you precious ones, and in many of these beloved young people in whose Groups We have been pouring forth Our Love and Radiation, We see within your Hearts the Expansion of your Light – far beyond that of which the outer is aware.

Such Achievement is before you!

With Purity in thought and feeling maintained, and with refusal of acceptance of any discordant thing to act in your feeling world, you would go forward like a rocket, as We did, into this Great Achievement, the Ascension – your Freedom – the Goal of all human pilgrimage on Earth.

Today, oh, Beloved Ones, you stand within the Gates of Freedom!


I urge you to contemplate often the picture of The Open Door. This marvelous picture that Mr. Brooks of New York brought forth is really a very marvelous thing, because it does give you the exact eye picture of your “Presence” called forth into Action, holding back forever the doors of doubt and fear.

As you contemplate it with a firm stand for your freedom, saying to all appearances, “You have no power!” do you not see how it makes the completed activity for your own freedom?

We all rejoice in the sure, definite intensity with which you are feeling and bringing into use these Great Powers which you have always had, and which flow into your Heart from the “Presence”.

Each day, as all of this becomes more practical, more real to you, will find that you can assert yourself. You can issue a Decree and find it very quickly fulfilled.”

Beloved Nada

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