understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You never in all your Life heard tell of such Happiness as Pearl, Rex, Bob, and I are having. Everything, every movement, every new achievement comes as wondrous, wondrous, enthusiastic Joy.

We never think about getting tired or feeling limited in any sense. We just go on and on and on, in the Wondrous Expansion of the Light, pouring forth through those Great Light Rays which you see about the “Presence”.

We have been able to enter into Its Great Radiance and project these Rays to do many wonderful things, which such a short time ago We could not have imagined.

This is why I say to you, Beloved Ones, do not let your human intellect or feeling limit you one moment longer. Every time a thought of limitation of any kind comes to your attention, simply say to it:  “Now you stop right there! You have no power! You are not going to take my Life any more to feed any human sense of limitation!”  and it has to disappear. Do you see?

Rex said this to you last night – I felt really proud of Him. This is the point you need to remember, Dear Hearts, to understand:  Everything you give power to through your attention, to limit or harm you, is your own Life doing it.  Is not that an astounding thing?

Think! All through these centuries, we have fed our very Life into things to harm and limit us! Well, as our beloved Donald says, “Its day is done!”  It is, if you will assert it!

Do you not see this?

If you will assert your Power of the “Presence”, and mean it, to all those appearances – their day is done so far as their ability to limit you is concerned, because they cannot have your Life any longer by which to do it!

Oh, every day, more and more practical, clear, and simple is this Understanding becoming to you, as you see how every movement and activity of your consciousness during the day in the waking state, you have been using these powers, but without understanding.

Now that you do understand what their activity has been doing within and about you, you will not allow your Life to feed any more energy into the things which limit or disturb you.

Will you not please hold this firm in your consciousness for constant use? Because, oh, so quickly, even as quickly as We did, you can be free.”

Beloved Nada

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