understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, the Joy which comes from that definite feeling! Grief seems so real at the time. Yet there is no need of one tear in the whole world. Mankind should understand that to generate grief is but to destroy oneself!

Those who understand the “I AM Presence” can call forth Its Great Joy. Your Higher Mental Body already knows all these Great Truths. Then do you not see, Precious Ones, this Law is not something really new to you, for your Higher Mental Body knows of It already?

We but call your attention to certain things to awaken a response within you; and Our Feeling, pouring into your feeling world, releases into your outer use that which you already know within. Everyone in his feeling world knows of this Truth; some have called forth fragments of It.

No one in the World, even in the times of Jesus, ever brought forth such clear, simple, Majestic, All-powerful Knowledge of the “Mighty I AM Presence” as Saint Germain has brought forth. The Law of the World at that time did not permit it.

Jesus knew It, and so did the Disciple John; but others did not know and comprehend. Jesus did not talk as freely with the Disciples as He did with John the Beloved; for he understood all that Jesus was going to do, but the others did not.

So it is today. As the Light within each one expands sufficiently, then will the individual have definitely the clear Understanding of various points as they come along.

In this endeavor to convey some of these practical Truths to you, My Comprehension will act within your feeling world, because My Feeling is yours while I am talking to you.”

Beloved Nada

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