understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now notice, as the Messengers have said, in the Acknowledgement of your “Presence” is everything! I mean all activity comes from within, out. In your previous understanding, you thought you had to gather all things from without, in. That activity is just the reverse of what it ought to be.

All things come from within, out. Therefore, the greater part of your achievement is accomplished before you become much aware of it in the outer activity.

It was so with My mother, even when she thought she was really passing on. One day she said to Us that she thought she was passing. When We thought she had become unconscious – and she had, to human sense – she went out from her body with Saint Germain’s Assistance, and was receiving Instruction from Him as to what to do. He told her to allow her body to be placed in the tomb because of the requirement of the outer law which still held sway at the time.

You see, in previous times during the achievement of these things, the outer world was not permitted to know the Inner Activity which was going on. That outer condition still held sway at the time of My mother’s attainment. We grieved so deeply. Oh, today I think how foolish it was; but We were serious. We thought her passing a real tragedy, and many people do today.

Dear Hearts, We assure you, as the Great Messengers have – there is no such thing as death in the world, in the Universe. You simply change your form for a finer one; but still there is no death anywhere.

Oh, the relief, the release! Precious Saint Germain made it possible, in the Cave of Symbols, for Our precious mother to come to Us in Her tangible Body, lowering the rate of Her Ascended Body to make it visible to Us. She held Us again in Her arms.

Oh! is there anything in the world so Victorious, so Wonderful as that? We had thought so long through Our previous training that death was real, although My mother knew years before that it was not, and tried very delicately to assure Us that there was no death. Yet We did not comprehend it, even with all that she put forth.

Today We know it is not real, for there is no death anywhere in the Universe. If you can believe that We are truthful, then you will accept this and set yourselves free from any such thought ever again.”

Beloved Nada

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