understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Watch out! Stand guard! Be alert, you Precious Ones, and do not allow any more of your energy to go forth to feed destructive things, through the power of your attention!

Hold your energy, turn it back to the “Presence” and say: “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, flood me and my world with the Glory of your Perfection. Sustain It with Your Directing Intelligence, with Your Power of Achievement.”

As you call Its Power into action you will feel a Glory – not a temporary thing, but an intensified, constantly increasing activity, called forth into action in your world, which will glorify you with a happiness and strength that you were not aware was there.

Notice! Your “Presence” is the Power acting. Whatever the condition is in your physical body or appearance has nothing to do really with the Ability of your “Presence”. Your Call is everything.

Your refusing to accept appearances which would be limiting is your power of assistance to the “Presence”; for that is all It requires to release the Fullness of Its Power and Action to produce Perfection in you and your world.

So tonight, in the Glory of the Freedom which is yours, in the Acknowledgment of your “Presence”, which is the Governor of the Universe, will you not keep yourselves reminded of these simple Truths which are so majestic in action?

Allow Them to come forth in your world and produce Perfection for you by no longer feeding your Life into any discordant thing – any limiting thing.”

Beloved Rex

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