understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I tell you, Precious Ones, if you were to see the energy that you feed into appearances in twelve hours of the waking state, you could scarcely believe it.

Now just think what it means when you become imbued with anger, intense criticism, or some intense feeling which releases a volume of energy in one sweep. Do you not see, Dear Ones, how you are just throwing your Life away and scattering it broadcast to do no good for yourself or anyone else?

If you allow your feeling to catapult anger, criticism, condemnation, or impurity of thought, do you not see how you intensify the same activity in someone else of mankind and make it hard for that one to gain his Victory?

You are absolutely wasting your own Life energy through such feelings – scattering it broadcast without soil to grow in, except when it strikes qualities of discordant kind. Then you are making it hard for someone else in that one’s endeavor to attain the Victory.

Now you see your responsibility to your fellowman, to your assistants, those you love. When you do such things, you are depriving yourselves constantly of the Life energy which you require for your accomplishment or upon whatever your attention may be fixed.

Dear Hearts, I am grateful, very grateful for your alertness tonight and that which you are anchoring within your world for constant use, through your feeling.  I know positively that you are going forth from this room tonight filled with a Consciousness of your Victory which you have never had yet.

Now do not misunderstand Me. I do not consider that is due to Me, but to your acceptance of the Quality of the Truth which is spoken.”

Beloved Rex

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