understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Believe Me, Beloved Ones, do not give any consideration to who you have been, or anything about it. If you begin to wonder who you were and accept that you were this, that, or the other thing in some other embodiment, you are dividing your attention.

Instead give your attention to the “Presence” to fill your mind, body, and world with the Perfection which the “Presence” holds.

It is the same thing, Dear Ones, as when you keep giving your attention to appearances that are of the outer world’s activity. You begin to go back in the activity of the lives in which you have lived, with which you are not concerned today.

It is not what you have been, but what you are today that counts!

So watch out that you do not fall into this habit of thought and feeling; for it limits you and takes the energy which you need to make the Call to the “Presence” and enable It to flow out into your world, to produce your Perfect Activity, and to give you Power to achieve freedom here and now.

Saint Germain is the most Marvelous Being in the world, and His practical Application of the Law in the manner in which He gives Assistance to the Students is a most unparalleled thing. He will not allow His Students to give their attention to what they have been before, if they want to be free.

Just as long as you keep feeding your Life, through the attention, into that which you have been, you cannot be what you desire today. See that?

Today is the important thing. What you have been is past and gone. Only to the extent that you call on the Law of Forgiveness for mistakes made, and use the Violet Consuming Flame to set you free from your human creations brought forth thus far, are you actually accomplishing the things required.

However, you will not do this if you keep feeding your Life, through your attention, back into what you have been before. Your former Life has not a thing to do with what you are today.”

Beloved Rex

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