understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Tonight, Beloved Ones, I shall anchor the Understanding of this within your consciousness. It will stand there active, for constant use. It will always remind you of Its Activity when you suddenly begin to accept that something has power to harm or limit you in the outer world.

You will stop right there and say: 

“Oh, no you don’t! You did once, but you are not going to do it any more! You are not going to use my Life to harm me! ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, take command! Cut this off and see that I no longer accept these appearances as having any power!”

Do you not feel that as I am speaking it, it does enter into your feeling world now to act there with full power?

“No longer shall any appearance have any power from my Life unless it expresses Perfection. Knowing that only from the ‘Presence’ can come Perfection, then my attention shall go to my ‘Presence’;  and through my attention, there shall release from my ‘Presence’ everything I require in my outer world of activity. Knowing that my ‘Presence’ is my Intelligence, my Love, my Light, my Power to act, then to my ‘Presence’ alone will I give all Power, and not to human appearances. I am reminded that every time I give my attention to a limiting appearance or destructive activity, my Life is feeding it, and I certainly do not do so anymore.”

Do you realize, Beloved Ones, that this very Consciousness will forever make you alert? It will keep you prompted any time you start to give your attention to old habits and limiting or disturbing things. You will be prompted instantly: “No sir, you do not do it!”

You will be surprised to find how alert you become. Now mark you, this alertness is the Selective Intelligence from your Higher Mental Body.

Precious Ones, notice this! Your Higher Mental Body is still limited, so far as you are concerned, unless you give It the full Power to act.

Now then, by your refusing to give power any longer to appearances which are harmful or disturbing, it is just as if your Wall of Light says, “No! So far and no farther!”

Then your Wall of Light is held firm to refuse acceptance to those appearances. Your Wall of Light stands there unyielding and impenetrable. When you call to your “Presence”, there is nothing which rushes in to disturb the outflow of your “Mighty I AM Presence” to perform Its Mighty Service.”

Beloved Rex

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