understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“As We went on and on, We found there are those in the World, I am sorry to say, who have wholly destructive desires. We must counteract those desires among mankind.

There was only within the last three months, one serving the destructive forces who conceived an idea of a partial use of the Ray – one of the Rays – that was very destructive.

Of course the Ascended Masters are watching over the World and They know immediately when anything of that kind is attempted. It had to be forestalled. It was My Joy, Privilege, and Service to act in that capacity!

Today, Beloved Ones, you are coming into an Activity which has for long periods existed on Venus. Notice! We are children yet, so to speak, and hope We always shall be; but think of it: Bob, Pearl, Nada, and I are no older than these beloved children here [Don and Marjory]. Yet We have use today of these Great Powers.

In this Service which I was able to render is a Joy that is boundless; for it makes Me realize that in the Service which I am later to render in the outer world, It will continue to intensify Its Activity until one day when I come into the outer world and meet many of you, that same Power, that same Activity will be there.

This is why a few moments ago I said to you, if you new the power which you have for use in your feeling world by the power of your attention, Precious Ones, you would set yourselves free almost in one mighty sweep.

This is why the Beloved Messengers have recently called your attention to the necessity of saying so powerfully, so firmly, to all appearances, “You have no power!”

Remember, Precious Ones, nothing in the world has any power except what you give it, so far as you are concerned or your world is concerned. Therefore anything that harms or limits you, to it you gave your Life which enables it to act – to come back and do that to you.

Please get this firmly in your consciousness tonight. If you will do as I request, you will find a sense of Freedom never experienced before. There is no one in the World who would not absolutely set his foot down on such limitations, in firm determination, if he really understood that it is his own Life going into a thing which comes back and harms him. Otherwise it could not act.

No discord or limitation could reach into anyone’s world except through his own Life. I am sure you will get this into your consciousness tonight as never before. When you see an appearance out here of limitation, if that comes back to you as a limitation, then your Life is feeding it to limit or bring disturbance to you.

Then you will say:  “Now then, we are getting down to Reality. If that be the case, I shall no longer feed my Life into anything to come back and harm me.”

This is just what all humanity has been doing. Individuals have blamed everything else but themselves for the conditions.

The Truth is, they were feeding their own Life into the things which were actually limiting them and causing disturbance. Without the Stream of their Life it could not touch their world. Do you not see that?”

Beloved Rex

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