understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When the intellectual activity is backed up by the Feeling of the Truth from the Heart and intensified by It, then the intellect can be a remarkable servant. This is why tonight I endeavor to charge into your feeling world the confidence, the conviction of your power to release from your “Presence” at your Call and anchor within your feeling world, certain Qualities which it is My Privilege to pour forth.

How? Through the very Projection of these Light Rays which We have learned how to use.

Beloved Ones, if you once knew the power that exists within your feeling world through the activity of your attention, you would leave the floor in the magnificence of that sudden realization, because momentarily you would sever the pull of Earth!

One day in the Retreat in Arabia when We were tremendously in earnest – in fact We had become so intense upon the acquirement of what was before Us and Its use, that four times we suddenly found Our feet at least three feet above the floor. We were standing there in the atmosphere, just as firm as We had stood a few moments before on the floor.

This is how with intense attention to a specific thing, and to the extent that you have forgotten your form – does it cause the Earth to lose all attraction for your body. Then you will notice the moment your attention comes back, you settle down again.

This activity, through the attention, is what is going on in the feeling and outer activity of mankind right along. You are raising. In your recent Class, for instance, you were raised to a Tremendous Height.

Again through your power of attention, in most instances as soon as you come back and touch the outer world’s activity, you begin to accept its limitations; and unknowingly these act in the feeling body – the old habits to which you have been accustomed.

Here is a point We have found to be of great Assistance to Ourselves. Say:

“‘Mighty I AM Presence’, take Eternal Command of my power of qualification. Do not let the old concepts or habit any longer have power in my world!”

If you will do that you will find it very helpful.”

Beloved Rex

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