understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I think you might be interested in knowing something of what We have been doing since this Good Brother returned from Chananda’s Home in India. We spent four and a half months in Chananda’s Home after his return. Then We returned to the Retreat in Arabia where the greatest, most magnificent Understanding of the use of the Light Rays is given forth.

As all of Us just naturally selected the use of the Light Rays for the Work We were to do, We returned there to receive further Instruction.

You would possibly think that My imagination were running riot if I were to tell you the Accomplishment from that time to this, in Our ability to utilize, to direct, to wield those Powers which come from the use of the Light Rays. We are still just lads yet, you know; and yet We are able to do things today, Precious Ones, that seem absolutely incredible to the human sense.

I say this tonight to carry forth the Radiance of the Truth of Our Accomplishment into your mental and feeling world, that you may feel the Power of Our Activity in your feeling world – because remember, your feeling world is your Powerhouse.

Unless you do get the full consciousness of a thing into your feeling, you are only having partial results; and that is the trouble with mankind today.

Individuals still unknowingly keep trying to do a thing with human intellect, which is not the Knower – never was! never will be! because the Heart is the True Knower, and the full Power of the “Presence” is anchored in the Heart.”

Beloved Rex

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