stanza 3, slokas 10-11

Stanza III
10. Father-Mother spin a web whose upper end is fastened to spirit—the light of the one darkness—and the lower one to its shadowy end, matter; and this web is the universe spun out of the two substances made in one, which is Svâbhâvat.
11. It expands when the breath of fire is upon it; it contracts when the breath of the mother touches it. Then the sons dissociate and scatter, to return into their mother’s bosom at the end of the great day, and re-become one with her; when it is cooling it becomes radiant, and the sons expand and contract through their own selves and hearts; they embrace infinitude.



“Dr. Williams:  I daresay the following question will help us somehow.

Mme. Blavatsky:  This imprisoned force and the free force – the worker, within, or the inherent force – ever tends to unite with its parent essence, that which is outside, and thus the mother acting within causes the web to contract, and the father without to expand.

That is another explanation to you; this it is which your men of science call gravity, and we men of ignorance, or fellows, call the work of the universal life-force, spirit-matter, which is one outside space and time, and dual within space and time. This is work of eternal evolution and involution or of expansion and contraction.

There:  I answer every one of your objections and your questions. Do I or not? This is that dual force; and then you will come to the centripetal and centrifugal forces, which will prove to you it must be so, simply because I base myself on the mistakes of science, which are glaringly demonstrated by all the astronomers and physicists, and yet they won’t admit them, but they are, if you please, like the Church clergyman – they know the mistakes and the impossibilities, but won’t admit them.

So your men of science, they find something that does not dovetail that upsets entirely their theory. But they are too lazy to go and invent another theory. It is very comfortable to go and invent some flapdoodle and then go on ad infinitum. Anything they say of course the hoi polloi will swallow.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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