understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In the setting aside of this one-year period, it means one-third of your Life-effort in this embodiment is set aside, glorifying you by an Assistance unheard of in the history of the Earth. It gives Assistance in dissolving and consuming your own creations, that you may more quickly enter into the Freedom of the Light which beats your Heart – the “Mighty I AM Presence”. May you all feel the importance of these Words.

I speak as One having Authority – all Authority – human, Divine, and Cosmic! Therefore, you shall see the Fulfillment of My Words! According to the earnestness and intensity with which you continue to adore your “Mighty I AM Presence”, call It forth into action, and hold harmony in your feelings, will this come quickly or yet be delayed.

The Messengers are pleading with you, with all the Students everywhere, for the need of harmony maintained in your feelings, of purity of thought and feeling. Then the Great Law can come forth quickly and do Its Work.

You, Precious Ones, humanly your part is to make the Call, stand by with firm determination, and allow the Great Power of Infinite Light to flow forth through you and into your world to do Its Perfect Work, Its Mighty Process of Creation.

No longer does the power of darkness control mankind. Today it has lost its power. Tomorrow you shall enter through your Gates of Freedom!

To the degree that you can feel the Truth of My Words and feel It active within you, shall It be quickly or otherwise manifest. This is for you individually as well as the Nation.

As the great Decrees go forth continuing their mighty Work, and with the Assistance of this great Light, will the Earth send forth its praise and rejoicing. Even the rocks shall tremble with Joy of Freedom; even the trees and the vegetation shall lift themselves in rejoicing.

Such is the Power that awaits the Earth. You, oh, Precious Ones, are responsible because of your willingness to stand the impact of human thought and feeling, your willingness to go on in the acceptance of your “Presence” in spite of the ridicule of the ignorant.

In that Call you have enabled this Great Light to come forth – this Great Transcendent Blessing to enter within the Earth. Feel Its Glory, Its Expanding Light which will bring forth Freedom, Happiness, and every good thing.

As the Earth enters through this into its own once again, then all shall have all required for use. All human selfishness shall be wiped from the Earth forever. Then will there be released by that Light, more than mankind’s fondest imagination has ever conceived, even more by far.

Can you not, will you not live in this great, great anticipation, until you see the fulfilling of Its Glory?”

Great Divine Director

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