understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Weary not, oh, Beloved Ones who have called so earnestly for some definite manifestation of the proof of these Great Laws. Surely you have before you, so far as proof is concerned, every proof that any Heart can desire of the Reality of these Laws and their Application. Yet shall your Call be answered more fully.

Abide in patience! Your Call cannot be denied!

Remember, as your earnestness and intensity increase and the Light within you expands, it becomes compulsory for that Great Light to answer you, if your sincerity remains dauntless.

You have in your hands – oh, that you might understand it fully – your Scepter of Power and Freedom! Apply It, oh, Beloved Ones, with all earnestness, giving no thought as to time or space; but just go on in the great joy of applying the Law of your “Presence”. Let It do Its Perfect Work in Its own good time.

See that the intellect and human impulses do not in any way interfere with the Glory of Its Expansion; for It will one day give you all the proof in the world that you want – or anyone else – of Its Efficiency, Its Power, Its Authority.

So I ask you to be patient. Naught shall be withheld from anyone who has entered into this Freedom which just came! Make no mistake! It is no idle concept!”

Great Divine Director

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