understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I am taking this opportunity today to talk to you very close in your Heart. I feel your Heartbeat while I talk to you, for in that I am trying earnestly to help you free yourself in every way possible today. The Great Divine Director has rendered you a Transcendent Service. Only when you have made the Ascension will you see how great it is.

Think of it, oh, My Precious Ones, of all the centuries that mankind has been compelled one by one to go into the Retreats, away from the discord of the outer world in order to gain this Victory. Now this Knowledge of the “I AM” is brought forth.

There is also being given the Assistance of the Great Divine Director and the Others who have come forth to assist the Great Cosmic Light in the Perfect Work It must do for mankind.

Mankind need not fail if individuals will give attention to the “Presence” as they have been directed.

In setting aside the third year for you, there has been released a Blessing never before given to mankind. You have noticed, at least you have heard Us mention step by step certain accomplishments for you. That again is not any imagination, but a Mighty Reality.

Today as I speak to you, My Heart throbs with greatest Joy and Gratitude that you have been able to so bring yourselves into the Requirement that the Divine Director could do this for you. Not only has this Help been given to you here, but also to the “I AM” Students throughout America and the World.

How and why? Because of your Mighty Decrees going forth in the mental and feeling world of mankind and being issued uniform throughout America.

Now do you not appreciate what your blessed brother Harry Rogers did, in compiling from the Books and the Magazines the Group Outline, which the Great Divine Director asked us to use, that the activity might be uniform throughout America for this very identical accomplishment? It has been accomplished.”

Saint Germain

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