understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want to say a Word or two, a few Words, to you who are in these Groups. The pledges you take are to your “Presence” and no one else. Do not, I plead with you, go into those Groups out of curiosity, unless you are willing to fulfill that requirement to which you have put your name.

You do not understand yet what it means, or the Action of the Law, when unfaithful to your own Light. Your Heart has always been willing, but now your intellect has said, “Yes, I am willing to abide by this.”

Remember, you are acting under the Law of your Great “Presence”, the All-Seeing Eye of God, your “Mighty I AM Presence”, from which no single motive or act is hidden.

Sometimes the Messengers have pled with the beloved Students so long, yet they will go on doing the things that they know in their Hearts are a tragic mistake. They think that no one knows it.

We cannot help knowing what is within your motive, what is within your world – for it is imprinted on the atmosphere about you, because every thought, feeling, and motive is a record which We have to read. Not that We seek to do it, but if We are going to help you, We must read it.

Will you not feel now today, and hold it forever, that the All-Seeing Eye of God, which your Higher Mental Body uses, knows every single thing that occurs in your Life, every feeling and motive that is there?

Do not try to deceive your “Presence”!

I am speaking with all of the Love of My Heart, for I want to help you. I want you to see, if you will, the mistake of just humanly entering into a thing without a pure, honest motive back of it.

Remember, in your Heart Center, as well as in the Heart Center of the Staff who serve these two Messengers, must come purity, loyalty, and faithfulness if you are to go forward in the Light!

Deception is an unpardonable thing anywhere in the World, and above all in the Students who have come to know their “Mighty I AM Presence”.

So if you have made mistakes (this is the point in which I am trying to help), if you have made mistakes – and you know, the Heart always knows – there is no one who can make excuses for it.

Self-pity and vanity are out. They have no part in this Work! Therefore I want you to feel that I hold your hand to help you overcome all these things.

If you have made mistakes, call immediately on the Law of Forgiveness and ask the “Presence” to wipe them out, dissolve and consume cause and effect of that mistake or any other.

We are watching very closely all the Students, and We know everyone that is not sincere. So, Precious Ones, let Us help you, will you not? Will you not call on the Law of Forgiveness for any mistakes you have made?

Then with your face to the Light, with your attention to the “Presence”, call Its Mighty Powers and Intelligence into action to give you Self-control, Discriminating Intelligence, Mastery over your human desires.

Then will you go forward quickly into the full Freedom and Glory which is yours.”

Saint Germain

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