understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Tonight, Precious Ones, may I convey to you the Love from Pearl, Nada, Rex, Mr. and Mrs. Rayborn, and David Lloyd, who love you so greatly. They will be of great Assistance to you and all the young people of America.

One day all the “I AM” Students, all young people will meet in one great conclave! Maybe you think I am prophesying – I am not prophesying; but it will be! It will be a very wonderful thing!

You know, when the Ascended Masters plan something, it always works out. Is not that a wonderful thing to know? There is no human obstruction that can get in Their way.

So we want you to feel this, if you will.

Remember, Beloved Ones, the Law of Life is Harmony. Harmony maintained is the Infinite Invitation for the Glory of your “Presence” to flood forth into your world, produce Its Perfection, and hold Its Dominion forever.

Nothing in the world can interfere with it but yourself! The only way you can interfere with it is by inharmony in your feeling. That is easy enough for your “Presence” to control, if you will call It into action to do it.

Precious Ones, in the removing of habits or anything that you wish to get rid of, your “Presence” is the Power that does it. You but call the “Presence” into action to take out of you the desire which caused the habit, and to replace it by the Perfection of the “Presence”.

No matter what it is that has been accumulated in your Life, you do not care, because the “Presence” will take out the desire and replace it by the Ascended Masters’ Satisfaction and Perfection.

This is how you can have everything that is beautiful, happy, and perfect in your Life, expressed and acting there every moment. If you so choose you can do it, and it is sure.

Call your “Presence” into action to produce the results, because the human of itself does not have the sustaining power to maintain Perfection. Whatever the human does is but temporary; but calling your “Presence” into action, you can have a sustained activity.”

Our Beloved Bob

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