understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You no longer have to struggle and battle with the things of the outer world when you call the “Presence” into action to hold you firm in the Pathway of Light. Clear out of your Pathway of Light everything discordant. Call your “Presence” to take you forward quickly into all you wish to achieve, and you will have no difficulty in doing it.

Your “Presence” knows no resistance or interference, and when you call It into action, It goes forth anywhere in the Universe to fulfill your Call.

If you are not having results, remember in your feeling world there is something obstructing the way. Then call the “Presence” to take out of your world whatever the obstruction is. Then, the Power of the “Presence” will flow on to do Its Perfect Work.

You are not subject, Precious Ones, any longer to the conditions which exist in the outer world!

You beloved ones who are musical or have artistic talents, utilize this Knowledge of the “Presence” to Its fullest extent! Everyone can speak and sing with the Voice of the “Mighty I AM Presence”.

For your hands, if you are artistically inclined or wish to play instrumental music, say: “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, these are your Hands! Take command of them! Produce Your Perfect Harmonies, Your Perfect Beauty and Perfection through them.”

Then you will make your hands a perfect channel for your “Mighty I AM Presence” to use, and the most wonderful things in the world will be produced.

In My experience up until I met Saint Germain, I had not the slightest inclination to paint, and apparently no artistic temperament; but recently, I produced one of the most remarkable paintings, which I hope one day to bring forth into visibility for you.

I found that whatever I called for, comes forth into action. This is what I want you to feel. Anything upon which your attention is fixed, the “Presence” will bring forth and produce the results – whether it be in music, art, the supply you require, or whatever the activity is.

It matters not, for the “Presence” will produce the result for you through the power of your attention, your vision, and qualification; but do not allow your human self at any time to interfere with that.

When you make your Decree, stand by it! When you call your “Presence” into action to perform a certain service, stand by it; for nothing can stop it but yourself!”

Our Beloved Bob

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