understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“As you go forward in your Application of the Great Law, there are a few things which are essential.

Refuse absolutely, as I see so many of you are doing, to listen to any gossip or discordant voicing of anything that comes to your ears! Refuse acceptance of it into your world! Refuse to send out discordant feeling to anything, any condition, anyone!

Then you keep yourself so harmonized, that as you call your “Presence” forth into action, Its Powers flow through like a rushing river.

You know, when you lift a gate in a dam, the water rushes forth. Your harmonious feeling maintained and your Call to the “Presence” are just like lifting the floodgates of your being; for the Mighty Power of the “Presence” rushes forth into your world, giving the Service you require.

Your Call to your “Presence” is just as definite! Because you do not see It, makes no difference. The “Presence” acts and the Energy acts!

Hereafter, in your Call to the “Mighty I AM Presence”, will you not feel this? Feel every time you call to your “Presence”, that you simply lift the floodgates of your being and Its great Inner Power rushes forth to release the Service you require.

I Myself have had tremendous results from this feeling, and if it will help you, then I shall be glad. Anyone who has ever had his attention called to the “Mighty I AM Presence” can no longer be in limitation of any kind. He need not experience any kind of ill health.

The instant some appearance of distress comes within yourself, or an appearance of limitation enters into your outer world, refuse acceptance of it; give it no energy to act in your world. Say to any disturbance in your body, “Get out! I refuse acceptance of all disturbance!” And it will obey positively.

As you practice this, you will have no difficulty in controlling not only the feelings in your body, but the energy which goes out into your world.

You will learn to feel such a definite focus from here – your Heart Center – that It will be like a Ray of Light going out and holding Its Focus of Light steady until the work is accomplished.

It is the easiest most wonderful way of accomplishment, Beloved Ones, That can ever be conceived for mankind.”

Our Beloved Bob

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