understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, Dear Ones, I wish the Law of your being permitted Me to say certain things to you tonight which I observe here. Your joy would be boundless; but you must make your Application, for only by that do you gain the permanent Victory.

This is the same reason why Saint Germain would not do certain things for these Beloved Messengers. Because in the necessity of the outer world, you are compelled to make the Application which you would not do otherwise, if you had all within your use that you desired.

Therefore, in your Application the Energy is released which builds a momentum that makes for your Victory and the Ascension.

Just as the Good Brother {David Lloyd} who spoke the other night explained to you, that through His long search he gained the momentum that enabled Him to attain the Final Victory – today, in your Application and through your attention held on your “Mighty I AM Presence”, you are building a momentum which makes for your marvelous, wonderful Victory.


You will achieve It!

You would be amazed, some of you precious ones, if you knew the Service you could render. You know one gets sorely tempted sometimes to tell you; but only as the Law of your being permits, is it done.

Tonight will you accept from Me the Encouragement, Strength, and Assurance which I know must be for your definite, certain Victory?”

Our Beloved Bob

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