understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The happiness of the human senses is but fragmentary, Beloved Ones. So few years ago, I Myself knew nothing in the outer consciousness about these Great Laws. Yet today I am able to apply Them with such astonishing Results that I ever cease to marvel at it Myself.

Because of the previous preparation and Expansion of My own Light, it was possible for Me to enter quickly into this Activity with Rex, My sister, and Nada.

The joke on Me was that Pearl, My sister, was being trained years before I ever dreamed of it. Even from a little girl, Saint Germain was training her. Yet she kept it perfectly silent from every living soul on Earth When she came to Me at the mine, then We discovered she had known Saint Germain for many years already.

So Dear Ones, in mentioning these personal experiences to you, I want you to realize how little the outer self knows what is actually going on about it.

Once your attention is called to this “Mighty I AM Presence” which beats your Heart, anything in the world, Beloved Ones, might take place for you.


No one in the outer knows your preparation or how great he Light has expanded within you.

Tonight it has been My Privilege to observe your Light; and that is why We can, from this night, be of much greater Service to you. We see the expansion of the Light within each one of you, and you know what is necessary to be done to give you the greatest Assistance.

Will you not feel how much We love you, and how much We want to render you any Service which is possible and the Law of your being permits, that you too may quickly enter into the Freedom which We now experience?”

Our Beloved Bob

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