understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Blessed, Beloved Ones, no words can describe Our Love for you and the great Desire which pours forth without limit into your feeling world, to assist you unto a like Accomplishment.

I know now – so far as financial supply was concerned – I was provided for, while all this great search went on. Through the kindness of My father, who grubstaked a man in the diamond fields in South Africa, the Great Law provided for Me.

Precious Ones of today, oh, do not, please do not ever allow your human self to make you feel once again that you can be deprived of the money you desire for your happiness, comfort, or anything else you need.

Only as you allow doubt to govern is there lack in your world, for the “Presence” is the Treasure House of your world. It is, and I know it now!

From the Ascended State I can see how the “Presence” was acting then, but I did not know it. It enabled Me to have the time for free search. Today I see why that long search was necessary for Me, because it was building up the strength, power, and momentum which I needed when I met this Good Brother.

Your activity in the Acknowledgment of your “Presence” is calling It forth for the accomplishment, as you think, of your problems today. Oh, Dear Hearts, it is beautiful and wonderful; but the accomplishment of solving the problems, do you not see, is only a fragmentary part of it.

It is the momentum that you are gaining which is the Victory of the accomplishment of your so-called problems. One day it will stand there in full power and strength for your Final Victory.

Oh, Beloved Ones, do you not see how all is within the great power of the final accumulation of the Energy which enables you to sweep forward into the Freedom of your Victory and Ascension?

It is the Victory, the end of all human pilgrimage; for you never again re-embody as you are today, after your Ascension.

You have your Eternal Light Body then. You may go where you will in the Universe; and do you not think I have had a good time since?

Beloved Ones, I have not been idle a moment. All of the wonderful Places I have seen in those Great Octaves of Light – the Heaven of Earth!

Dear Ones, I have seen such things as are inconceivable to the human mind today. Yet every one of those magnificent things is as tangible and real in those Octaves of Light as your physical places are today. I bear witness before the World and the Universe!

Even in so short a time I have seen so much; for I have never stopped in the great Acceptance and Glorifying of My World with the actual Knowledge of going from place to place and seeing firsthand all of these great, these marvelous things which the whole World is one day to know.

Then, you can understand how great is My Joy for being given this Privilege tonight to speak My Heart to you and to try to have you feel Its Earnestness, Its Joy, Its Happiness, and Gratitude to the Great “Presence”, to Saint Germain, and to this Good Brother.”

David Lloyd

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