understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Today, Precious Ones, Blessed Students of Los Angeles and southern California, you have become the Guardians of the Light. Remember that!

Feel this is your part of the problem. If you are not strong enough, but listen to human, foolish, silly gossip which turns you aside from this Great Truth – the Mightiest ever brought forth on Earth – then you must pay the penalty by failure.

One said, who came to this Good Brother today, that certain individuals had said, well, they thought they were not interested any more in this Truth.

Beloved Ones, how can human beings be so foolish! They can no more turn away from their “Mighty I AM Presence” than they can sprout wings and fly this very moment. They may temporarily turn aside; but only too glad will they be turn back to this Mighty Source of Life, their “Mighty I AM Presence”.

Oh, Precious Ones, do you not see it is not a matter of the Messengers saying that this Knowledge of the “Mighty I AM Presence” is true; but everyone has a “Presence” of his own, which should tell him that somewhere there is a Source of Life – Individualized – which gives him Life and activity!

It is not contained in the human form at death; every one of you knows that. Every organ or faculty is in your body, but it is of no use. Then the Stream of Life which has been pouring into the body must have withdrawn somewhere.

Remember! You are here! Then you must know that the “Presence” is there, or you would not be here.

Tonight, oh, Beloved Ones, My Joy is so great for the privilege of speaking My Wishes, My Experiences to you; for only so short a time ago I stood where you are today.

This is not a far-off thing, Dear Hearts. It is such a recent Experience that It should touch your Hearts and feeling world. Qualify It with your conscious, certain knowledge that if I could accomplish It, then you can too.

Do you not see how all this is an Example to the outer world? It is an Infinite, definite, All-powerful Truth and Reality! It is an Example to you that you should attain your Freedom and Ascension without question.”

David Lloyd

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