understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“May I call this to your attention tonight, O Beloved Ones, so you realize what it means for a human form to be in the Powerful Vibratory Action of the Ascended Beings in the various Dictations which have taken place in your midst here during the week?

Last Sunday, three Great Beings dictated and flashed Their Words before him. He must be in Their Radiation while that is being done. Then, can you imagine what the touch of a little discord of the outer world means?

You would never hear him complain or say a word; but I tell you this, that you might know what it means when discord touches his world when he is raised to that Height. I want you to know, because We love him so greatly. I know you do also, but I want you to know the Great Laws that are acting.

His outer garment is like yours, Beloved Ones, but not the Inner. I ask the Staff and those immediately about him – will you not do everything in your power to hold the greatest harmony possible, as this greater Expansion and greater Power is released to bless the Students everywhere? He is steadily, as is Mrs. Ballard, steadily raising his Attunement.

Your great love that pours out to them is the most wonderful thing, Beloved Ones. If individuals who are unkind and pour out criticism, condemnation, and judgement to them could see what they do, they would not do it the second time.

They, who pour forth only such great love and kindness, have sacrificed everything of the human world – if you call it sacrifice – to carry forth this Message of Light, Love, and Truth.

Precious Ones, do not let the silly human reports go forth which have been spread at times that they are flourishing with money. All they have is the Love Gifts of the Students to carry on the Work.

Not so long ago the report went forth that they had plenty of money. The Love Gifts from that Class did not take care of the express on their trunks, but they never complain.

So I want you to know this, Dear Hearts. Fortify yourselves against the foolish human gossip which would try to bring discredit upon these Loved Ones whom the Great Ones Love so greatly.

They have had the courage to go forth and carry this Light with never a thought of themselves; but because they knew the Knowledge was so great and the Freedom so certain for mankind, they have been courageous to carry It forward.

They will continue until the great mass of mankind understands that they themselves have become the Guardians of this Light.”

David Lloyd

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