understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Ere long the Creative Power of the Ascended Master Substance and Consciousness, which contains within It no discord, would begin to act in full Power in their worlds. Then all human struggle would cease.

Do you not see this, Beloved Ones, how quickly all human struggle would cease?
Then let this great calm Serenity and Substance enter into your feeling world; and through It, let everything in your emotional world become so still that nothing can agitate it.

You know, if you take a spoon in a jar of liquid and begin to stir rapidly, how agitated it becomes? Well, that is the condition of most emotional bodies during, shall We say, the greater part of the day.

The moment you touch some discord, your emotional body begins to vibrate just like that [quick motion of hand] to the extent that sometimes you think you have Heart trouble. Think what it means to come to a point, Precious Ones, where all disturbing vibration is perfectly still and quiet.

In all your former understanding, “that Peace that passeth understanding” is really this Great Inner Stillness.

In the Acknowledgement of your “Presence”, you come to the point as this Good Brother has, when such great, great Calmness becomes like the deep still waters where there is no longer agitation and disturbance.

Then one has to be very firm against touching the discord of the outer world.”

David Lloyd

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