understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Notice, Beloved Ones, in the Experience of Mr. Rayborn and Myself, how all this, when it came to the Final Activity, was done very quickly. Now, you are understanding this Wondrous Knowledge of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, as you are constantly and earnestly calling It into action.

While your purification and accomplishment is going on, you are rendering a tremendous Service to everyone you contact, because if your desire is very intense for your Freedom and Ascension, then you pour out that feeling naturally.

Your Higher Mental Body, which knows all requirements, will utilize every opportunity to intensify your feeling – not only for yourself, but for all who come into the Radiance of your world and activity.

Therefore, you are always rendering a threefold service in your great intense desire for your Freedom and Ascension.

When I saw from the unlimited state what every step gained in the Acknowledgement of the “Presence” meant, I thought no words could ever express My Gratitude.


Oh, that all mankind could suddenly grasp this one simple point! What transformations would take place!

Once blessed mankind realizes that the power of qualification alone has been the stumbling block in the road to Perfection, all individuals can discontinue qualifying any activity with discord.

They can hold all human activity in obedience to their great Call. They can release from the “Presence” this Wondrous Energy – Self-luminous, Intelligent Substance which will replace all imperfection (as it is taken out of every cell of the human form) by this Pure Substance, the Ascended Master Substance which the human cannot requalify. Will you not think deeply upon this?

Think of this one simple point alone: the privilege mankind has today that the Great Host of Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings have provided for you to bless you, in the use of this Ascended Master Substance which cannot be requalified by the human.

If the blessed, precious Students would understand this, oh, how rapid would be the change and transformation within their bodies and activity, because then they would keep charging the Ascended Master Substance into their minds and bodies and out into their worlds and activity.”

David Lloyd

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