understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do not ever let your human say to you these things are imagination, or they are not true. What a pity anyone in the world could ever for a moment have such a feeling. We speak to you from the Ascended State and flash these Words, Our Words, before this Good Brother. No human concept can enter.

Do you think from the Ascended Master Octave an untruth could be uttered? If you think that, then you know very little of the Great Law. It is the same when one passing through the change called death – an untruth cannot be spoken!

From the Ascended Masters’ Octave of Life no untruth dare be spoken! There is no one who could ever have a desire to speak an untruth.

So today the greatest possible Blessing has come to you precious ones who have been drawn under the Radiation of the Beloved Saint Germain. To Him is due all credit for this Knowledge coming forth to mankind. All of the Ascended Masters acknowledge it.

How all love Him, no words could possibly tell you; for the Love of the “Mighty I AM Presence” transcends anything that you have yet understood in your world of human love.

Why do I say “human love”? Because, Dear Hearts, until you have made the Ascension, there is always some more or less human qualification acting within your love. It could not be otherwise, for only as you come to the final preparation is all human love replaced by the Transcendent Love of the “Presence”.

In your understanding of the “Presence” today, you can still the outer human emotion which would requalify the Love from the “Presence”, until the Great Divine Love of the “Presence” can flow forth, scarcely touched by your human qualification which many times qualifies the Love of the “Presence” into what we call human love.

There is no human, except the discordant creation which mankind has generated. Your forms that you call human are but a clothing of density. It is all that can be human.

Your Divine Pattern, your Light Pattern within you, is not human. Just the quality is human, which you have imposed upon your Light Pattern by discordant feeling. You have come to know this very definitely.

Today you realize that, and know how harmony maintained in your feeling will enable the Power of Pure Energy, the Love from your “Presence”, to flow through and out into your world.

Then you can begin to become a Divine Being.”

David Lloyd

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