understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, Dear Ones, will you not be more and more in earnest and determined every day? I think of that day so long ago, as you think of time, when My Children were like these. It was quickly, even in that time, under Our Instruction and Direction that They were able to set Themselves Free.

It is true, in the outer world at that time They perhaps did not have as much charged into the atmosphere about Them as the children do today, because We were in a far less densely populated part of the country.

Dear Ones, in a day not far distant, mankind will learn to live again in homes – not in buildings where hundreds of people live in one building. Where one or two individuals live in a building which is charged with discord, those persons necessarily have a battle to hold their own atmosphere free from that charge of discordant limitation about them.

However, this is the Truth, if one chose to make the effort;  You may take a twenty-apartment building and one family in it could begin filling the building with absolute Harmony and Happiness.  They could hold it there, just for the joy of calling the “Presence” into action, to prove for themselves that they could do it. Even people without understanding would respond to the feeling with which the building would be charged.

This is why, Precious Ones, We ask you and the Messengers have asked you almost from the beginning, not to let one morning pass that you do not raise your hands to the “Presence” and, just like you reached into the Great Substance of Light from the Ascended Masters’ Octave of Life, charge the walls of the room with this Pure Substance of the “Mighty I AM Presence”.

Charge It to be sustained and continually pour forth that Purifying, Harmonious Radiance to everyone who enters. Beloved Ones, if you would only do that!

These precious ones [Mr. and Mrs. David Lucas] have been doing that in the school, until the Radiance is wonderful and beautiful. We love to give Assistance by amplifying every sincere effort of that kind. Therefore, you can make the atmosphere wonderful through just charging, so everyone who enters and touches it feels the Harmony and Freedom all about him, where discord was just a few moments before.

You know it is so easy to forget discord, if you only will; but it is not so easy if you do not want to. You have Free Will, Precious Ones – do not forget it!

You are the decreer for your world, your business, and your activity! What you decree for yourself, your business, your home, must come forth if you do not allow it to be interrupted by discord in your own feelings.

It is a Law, the Great Law of Life, Precious Ones.

Oh, once the Students of the “I AM” begin to realize and understand that whatever they fix their attention on which is constructive, will be successful, will bring in supply of all required for their happiness and comfort, will give them abundance of all they wish to give in Service to the Light!”


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