understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now remember, Precious Ones, you must stand guard over your world! With the use of the Violet Consuming Flame and the Tube of Light, which you have learned to draw forth into action, you make yourselves invincible to the further discord of the outer world.

Thus, as the Violet Consuming Flame consumes all that has been drawn into your world, you stand free! Then when you call your “Mighty I AM Presence” into action, Its Power can release with perhaps twenty, thirty, or forty times more speed than It does before you use the Violet Consuming Flame enough to dissolve the human accumulation which has been drawn about you.

You do not know in the outer what is there, and it is not necessary to know. Fortunately for you, you do not; but when you call the “Presence” into action to consume your human accumulation, it is done completely. Then you will never have to look back upon it.

We have called to the Divine Director and those directly in charge of that Activity, to impel you so earnestly and powerfully to do this so you will never have to look upon any single part of your human, discordant creation. If you once knew the Mercy which the use of the Violet Consuming Flame is to mankind, you would sing Praises forever.

In those earlier centuries, the Students never attained without looking upon some of their own human creation, and it was a most unhappy thing. We had to do it. Having discovered the way to avoid it, do you wonder We plead with mankind to believe Us and prove Us, that they may avoid many difficult things which We had to go through in Our Attainment and Achievement?

In the beginning of Our Freedom, the great paramount idea was to maintain Life in the body over long periods of time. I had maintained Youth and Perfection in My Body for more than five hundred years before I made the Ascension. My son Cha Ara had maintained Youth and Perfection in His Body for more than three hundred years before His Ascension. In those earlier centuries the great paramount idea was to be able to do that.

Today among mankind, in one great sweeping activity in the Acknowledgment of the “Presence”, the individual goes forth into his Eternal Freedom, Victory, and Ascension with a speed almost inconceivable, compared to the time the Beloved Lady Master Nada made Her Ascension.

Oh, Dear, Precious Ones, We want so earnestly to convey to you the Privilege which you have today, transcendental beyond anything that has ever been known in the World. We have worked for hundreds of years, waiting for the time when this could be brought forth to mankind, that the great mass of mankind could understand It.

Oh, I am sure you all appreciate how magnificent and wonderful It is. That there is a single one of mankind today who is not ready to accept this great magnificent simplicity and Freedom which is brought forth to them, seems incredible.

In the Patience of waiting hundreds of years for this point, a few months or few years ought to be easy to wait for the rest of mankind to suddenly awaken to their “Mighty I AM Presence”, and have Its Freedom and Blessing which this brings.”


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