understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We are so Real, Dear Ones! One day, when you come to shake hands and visit with Us in the visible, tangible Body, you will see We are very Real! We are Real Substance.

This is what I want you to know: that as you come to the point where you make the Ascension, you take the refined human body with you. There is nothing left behind.

As it is raised and absorbed into the Higher Mental Body, the Great Transformation takes place. The Great Ray of Light descends and the finer, purified human form is absorbed into the Higher Mental Body. Then, It ascends into the Electronic Body and you become the Ascended Being, as was My great Joy and Privilege.

You never again after the Ascension come into embodiments as you are today. It is the end of all human pilgrimage on Earth.

Then in that great purified, Eternal Light-Body of Substance, you go forward anywhere in the Universe you choose, receiving all Wisdom and Power firsthand. You may call forth anytime, anywhere, all you require to perform any given Service upon the Earth or on any other Planet.

Do you grasp the fullness of this? I hope I will be able to help you do so tonight. Do you grasp how – and what Eternal Freedom the Ascension means? You are not only free from the limitations of Earth, but you can go in your Ascended Body and minister to the people of Earth in such great Power and Activity.

You can also go anywhere in the Universe and receive firsthand, through actual experience, any Knowledge or Wisdom that you seek.

Then, do you not see how the Ascended Master is the greatest possible Assistance to the Children of Earth? They are almost unknown to mankind.

Through the Kumaras, as the Vanguard from Venus, has mankind been sustained throughout all these hundreds of thousands of years – for more than four million years.

Yet mankind, after every great height has been reached, has responded to the pull of the human senses; for that pull was still great enough to draw individuals again into limitations.

Is it not an appalling thing to think that mankind could have come into a state where the outer pull of the senses was the controlling force, in spite of this great Infinite Power and Light which beats every Heart?

Yet it was so. It has been so up until now when the Great Cosmic Light has come to the Assistance of mankind and is making possible this Achievement.”

Mr. Rayborn

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