understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Tonight there is a marvelous Activity, because of the transformation which is taking place within your Inner feeling world. It is a boundless joy to Me and to Others who are present.

Oh, Dear Ones, this is no idle fancy, but a Real and Mighty, Glorious Activity that is going on within you precious ones, to your Complete and Wondrous Freedom!

Oh, Blessed Ones, go forward with great, firm determination to have your Freedom and your birthright, to have all that your “Mighty I AM Presence” has held so long in Its Treasure House for you.

While I have this opportunity tonight, I want to say a word to this Good Brother. I know you will not mind our Heart-to-Heart talk. I want him to know that I have not forgotten all that came to Me through him; for had he not come into My home, perhaps all might have been different.

Saint Germain – Eternal Blessings be upon Him – knew and brought this Good Brother to Me, as He has brought him to you. To the other Blessed Messenger, you must feel how great is My Gratitude.

Dear Ones, I know this Brother seems so natural and like you. Yet could you see what is constantly going on within his outer garment, you would be surprised. This is why, Dear Ones, We can pour forth such a Radiance to you and into your feeling world, to give you such great Assistance.

Somehow tonight I feel that I can say things to you in this respect which I would not have done perhaps otherwise. Therefore, you must know, I feel that We are just like a family discussing the Perfection of Life. Will you not feel that too?

Just with such a great joy, accept into your feeling world your Complete Freedom from all limitations, your absolute Self-control and Mastery over all conditions in your feeling world.

Go forth from tonight, glorified by the full consciousness of your Mastery over your world, self, and conditions! May you keep all so perfectly harmonious that there will quickly flood forth from your “Presence”, the Purifying Activity which allows the full Dominion of your “Presence” to act at all times.

Then you will not need anyone in the world to tell you the joy of having come to know your “Mighty I AM Presence”.”

Mr. Rayborn

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