understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, Beloved Children of Earth, you can scarcely comprehend before your Ascension, what you owe to our Beloved Saint Germain. He has, because of His Great Courage, brought this Light and Freedom to you and mankind.

Will you remember the description of Him which the Messengers have read to you from the Fire of Creation? Read it often, Dear Hearts, and see what a Mighty Being He is from your Earth. Remember, Saint Germain is a product of your Earth; and in spite of all of Us, He had the Conviction, the Courage, the Strength to stand before a great Group of Us and say, “I shall try out that which I feel!” – and His Victory came!

I say this to you tonight, Beloved Ones, because of the many people from the orthodox world who cannot quite understand why Saint Germain should take a place with Jesus.

Dear Ones, Jesus is doing His Mighty Work, and so is Saint Germain. As the beloved Charles Sindelar has placed Them hand in hand in the magazine, so do They act for the Children of Earth.

Remember that, Dear Hearts! In spite of anyone, Saint Germain must have credit for the Courage which led Him to try out that which has become a success for mankind in setting individuals free.

Unless you do this, you will but delay your Freedom. Not that He is even interested whether you give Him credit or not; but the Law of your Life and your Earth is that credit must be given where it is due, and an acknowledgment must come forth from mankind for what has been accomplished.

That Law of Life for your Earth is irrevocable! It is imperative, because mankind has drawn away from Perfection. Of their own Free Will, all individuals must come back through gratitude and acknowledgment, giving credit to Those who lift them out of the limitations into which they have drawn themselves.

Once you understand clearly these Mighty Fundamentals, then you will enter much more quickly and easily into your Freedom.

Think of it, Beloved Children of Earth! In the Assistance which is given you today, the effort of attainment is a thousand percent less than it was at the time Saint Germain and those of Us who are assisting attained Our Freedom and Ascension.

Now mark you, that is comparatively recent. Does a few hundred years seem a long time to you? Well, a few thousand years does not seem long to Us. Why does it seem long?”

Tall Master From Venus

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