understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We are making tremendous Effort to free a certain number of mankind for that which is to follow! You beloved ones here, of your own volition have entered into a joyous willingness to make yourselves ready for this. Then you invite Us to come and give every Assistance possible.

To this Beloved Brother We give great, great credit for having been the means of establishing an Activity with such great volume, through which We can do certain things that will not only give yourselves freedom, but will spread the Light forth powerfully to give others freedom.

When I say “freedom”, I do not mean just one thing, but Complete Freedom from every limiting thing that has ever been in your feeling world or its activity.

You beloved ones who have entered these wondrous closed Groups have entered into a new world. It is also quite wonderful to see those who are really wonderful, sincerely honest with themselves, yet who feel that they are not quite ready to enter this Great Activity.

So We bless all and keep on pouring forth Our Encouragement to strengthen them, until they too will feel themselves quite strong enough and ready to enter into the fuller and greater Activity which is their freedom.

I try to find the Words to convey My Feeling to you of the Joy I have in coming into your midst and seeing such a great Light within you, for only a few short years ago the atmosphere about you was comparatively dense.

In 1900 when We came (unknown to the people of Earth) and looked over humanity, We saw so few whose Light had expanded until It could be amplified to give them strength, courage, and dominion.

We found it could not be done then ( I am taking you especially into My Confidence tonight), and We had to withdraw. Then Sanat Kumara said to Us:  “The time will come, possibly nearer than you think at present, when You can give the Assistance which is needed.” Sure enough, in His Great Wisdom that day has arrived.”

Tall Master From Venus

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