understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“As you were told today, regardless of your silver hair, regardless of your appearance of age that sometimes seems to weigh heavily upon you, if you but realized it, you could shatter all appearances and human accumulation. In a few hours you could stand in Eternal Youth, Beauty, and Perfection.

Mankind has forgotten its dominion because individuals have forgotten the Light, the Life, the Intelligence, the Energy which gives them Life, Eternal Youth, and Beauty.

Is it not a pity that mankind has forgotten this? Life knows no age! Energy knows no age! Substance knows no age! Then what is it which feels age? Just the limited human concepts, because mankind has forgotten that everyone is a really a Divine Being.

Tonight as I speak to you, please feel the Radiance from each Word entering into your being to become all-powerfully Active there, that you may hold the Substance of that which I convey to you all-powerfully Active within you.

Oh, Dear Ones, you must realize that it is not just the Words which We flash before the Messenger which are important. They are but to hold your attention while the great Inner Work is being done. All Words are Cups carrying certain qualities, but the far greater activity is in the Inner Radiation which goes forth into your world.

Is it necessary for Me to remind you tonight that in your Acknowledgment of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, all Its Great Activity takes place from within out? Therefore the great accomplishment, and greater percent of it, is accomplished within, before you become aware of it without.

Your activity has previously just reversed that. You have tried to act from without in, and of course entered into greater and greater limitations; but when you realize that your Heart is the Presence of the “Mighty I AM” acting within you, then you must know that It would produce Perfection for you if there were not something acting within your feeling world which was clothing It with less than Its full Perfection.

Hold close to this now, so you can have forever dismissed from your feeling world everything – so not one thing longer limits you.”

Tall Master From Venus

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