understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of Earth, how rejoiced We are on Our far distant Planet at the Expansion of your Light on Earth. Do you think it is so strange that One might be in your presence from that far distant Planet, Venus?

Yet if you consider it for just a moment, to Us who are free of limitations, distance, as you know it, is not considered. I know it is not easy for you to comprehend that just yet, but you will. One day you will understand as clearly as We do how, as you enter into your Freedom which is your “Mighty I AM Presence”, you transcend time and space. Then the so-called far distant Planets are so near.

You must realize, Precious Ones, that the Ascended Master, as you have been told many times, does not recognize time – or space. Even this Good Messenger, as he went from place to place with Saint Germain, did not; for they went from one part of the Earth to another in from two to three minutes, in that body which Saint Germain created for his use.

Will you try earnestly not to analyze? Just feel for you there is no longer time nor space. If you can do that, you will enter into your complete Freedom so much more quickly.

Shall I tell you just how I feel tonight? It is as if We were in a great schoolroom and you were having your graduation exercises. That really is true. You are, Beloved Ones of Earth, entering into your Freedom!

As I speak these Words tonight, will you be kind enough to accept My Radiance which I pour forth into your feeling world to enable you to feel fully the assurance of that? You are entering now into your full Freedom. I say to you, that no longer can human creations bind you in any way.

Oh, the joy which floods the room as I speak those Words! It shall act with definite Power until you fully realize, feel satisfied, and find manifest in your outer world of activity all the Perfection which is there. We must know that! You beloved ones who have been willing and have joyfully entered in to the requirements for this Great Perfection, making a condition for Our Reception which you do not yet comprehend. You will one day know what that means.

We find Earth ready, willing, and humbly accepting the Great Assistance which the Wondrous Kumaras have so long poured forth in their Mighty Radiance to the Earth.

We, Myself included, are but children in comparison to the Great Kumaras who came forth so many hundreds of thousands of years ago to assist the Earth and to hold it in balance, until enough of its Children could be raised into Perfection and hold the balance themselves within the Earth.

This is being rapidly accomplished now, and ere long Their Work will be finished. When it is, there will be thousands in America who will see Sanat Kumara stand before them in the tangible, visible Body – a Youth as of sixteen summers.”

Tall Master From Venus

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