understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Mighty Divine Director and the other Blessed Ones who have come forth have charged into the feeling world of mankind these great Qualities. They always see within your world the Assistance which They can give, of which you are not yet aware.

How you will thank the Messengers one day, when with that clear Inner Vision you see what their great courageous effort has been to bring Saint Germain’s Freedom and Blessing to mankind. There is no Rejoicing in the whole Universe so great.

So, step by step, Beloved Ones, with all the Power the Law of your being permits, We are conveying steadily and surely into your feeling world that which will be your certain, complete and – We hope – quick Victory.

It will be rapid to the degree that you will, through your feeling world, say to all limiting discordant appearances, “You have no power!” and really feel that is true.

Then as you call your “Mighty Presence” into action to perform any given Service, you will find that the Intelligent Energy of your “Presence” will act with tremendously greater Power and Speed, because there is no feeling within you to obstruct the way.

Your discordant feeling is the only thing in the whole Universe, so far as your world is concerned, that can obstruct your way. You see, within you is the Victory of the failure.”

Mrs. Rayborn

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