understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When I saw the distress within My loved ones who had been left behind, I said to Saint Germain, “Is there not some way We can alleviate that?”

He said, “Oh , yes.” Then, We went into the home where My blessed family were together. He showed Me how to release peace and rest through the Power of Radiation to the family, and quickly they became adjusted.

Then shortly after, when Saint Germain one day said to Me (I had not yet discovered this Myself), “Great Joy is in store for you”, I asked, “Just what do you mean?” And He replied, “There is going to be another Ascension in your family”, And I exclaimed, “Can you mean it?” Then He showed Me how it was to be accomplished, and My rejoicing knew no bounds.

During that Accomplishment, I went with Saint Germain to the Cave of Symbols. There in the tangible, visible Body, I held My own two beloved children in My Fond Embrace. Again, can you not imagine, can you not feel even now as I speak, Our Great Rejoicing?

Oh, there is no experience of grief, Dear Hearts. That is only what the human has conceived and made real to the outer consciousness. Today, this great Infinite Knowledge and Understanding is being made real, simple, and plain to beloved humanity.


Our Love is so great for you.  Having gone the way and knowing how wonderful is the Achievement, do you think We could ever rest until you too were all Ascended into the same Great Freedom? Oh, no! No one who has accomplished the Great Victory feels satisfied until all of those blessed ones following on have also achieved this same Great Victory.”

Mrs. Rayborn

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