understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Believe Me, Beloved Ones, when I say that the sense of years over your head really makes no difference. You do not know what your “Mighty I AM Presence” can do for you. Please do not limit It. I know how I had limited Myself, believing I was entering so-called death.

Yet there is no such thing in the Universe as death, oh, Beloved Ones! I say this to you precious ones with the silver hair:  There is no death, never was, and never can be. It is true individuals cast off their bodies, but you are more alive then than you are in the limited body.

Now this Great Blessing which has come to mankind through the Beloved Saint Germain is giving humanity the full conscious conviction of their own ability to enter into the Ascended Masters’ State of Eternal Freedom.

Let Me say for your great strength and encouragement that in the interim when I lost consciousness for a few moments in the outer, and then became vividly conscious in My Higher Mental Body, it was a state of consciousness never to be forgotten.

I thought it was a long time. Yet I was only a few moments entering from the state of outer consciousness into the full Consciousness of My Higher Mental Body – notice this – in which I was able to give Saint Germain the assistance He required in enabling Me to make My Ascension.

Saint Germain could not make that Ascension for Me; but He, in the unlimited Activity of My Higher Mental Body, taught Me how to release the Currents of Energy quickly from My “Presence”, which did the work of refining the part of My physical body which it was necessary to raise into My Higher Mental Body. Thus We become the Ascended Being.

Remember it is the refined part of your physical bodies that Ascends and is absorbed into your Higher Mental Body. At this point, the Transformation from the human into the Divine takes place! All appearance of age leaves your body and the garments you are wearing dissolve into the Garments of the Higher Octave.

Then as the Great Ray of Light and Energy descends from the “Mighty I AM Presence”, the refined part of your physical body – and mark you, there is nothing left behind – the refined part of your physical body Ascends. It is absorbed into your Higher Mental Body.

It Ascends on this Ray of Light from your “Presence” and is absorbed into the Electronic Body of your “Mighty I AM Presence”. Then you become the Ascended Being, such as I am today, as Jesus, Saint Germain, and hundreds of other Ascended Beings are.

There is only one Process, Beloved Ones, by which this is accomplished. I have given you the exact Explanation, as the Messenger has and always does in the Classes. Feel how practical this is and that It is within your reach. Oh, do not let the matter of years interfere with your feeling of the full consciousness of your ability to have this Victory.

Do you see now the Beauty of that which Saint Germain has brought forth? We have all used this same Application to accomplish the end of this human pilgrimage, which is the Ascension.

Please feel that your human no longer has power to limit you, even in your comprehension of these simple yet majestic Truths. Feel now that the Ascension is for you!”


Mrs. Rayborn

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