understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Students of the Light, you who have read Unveiled Mysteries, The Magic Presence – those Books of the experience of this Good Messenger – will need no introduction to Myself.

You know that at the time of My Ascension, not a single thing of this kind in the Western World had yet been made public. Even My own beloved family thought I was still in the tomb, after the Beloved Saint Germain had released Me from it. It was a very wonderful thing.

Today will you bear with Me, because this is the day of the Ascension Work for these Beloved Ones who are conducting this Class.

I want to bring this to your notice and show you how this beloved one had arranged today really for My coming.  She might not have known it, yet it was done – just the same as Mr. Frank Lanning unknowingly prepared the way for the Mighty Arcturus.

Now, Dear Ones, the Ascension is so practical. When My body lay first in the home and then in the receptacle which had been prepared for it, I was free from that body, discussing with Saint Germain the plans for My Ascension.

Please feel, as I speak these Words to you, the Reality of My own Experience; for It will carry you into your feeling world the conviction of how practical and how real the Ascension is. That must one day be achieved by every human being on Earth.

It is not a matter of your choice, Beloved Ones; but the Eternal Victory over the conditions of the Earth comes finally through the Ascension. Now there are many, many among the “I AM” Students in America today who can make that same Ascension which I did, in this embodiment.

Why do you suppose this Good Messenger was brought to the Cave of Symbols, permitted to witness these Transcendent Activities and to assist in one? So he might carry back to mankind the feeling of that True Reality.

Jesus, the Beloved One, conveyed It to mankind two thousand years ago or more; but who believed It? Now in our Western World, our Beloved America, there has come the same proof to mankind.

Today there will be further proof, because the time is not far distant when a number of the Ascended Masters will come and make Their Bodies, Their Ascended Bodies, tangible to you so that all may see and know the Truth of which the Messengers have spoken.

Now then, in My Endeavor to convey into your feeling world the Reality which I know to be, will you through your feeling accept this – the Radiation which My Words, as Cups, carry to you? Accept It! and allow It to do Its Perfect Work within your mind and body.”


Mrs. Rayborn

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