understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I extend to you the Greetings of the Great Host of Ascended Masters, the Mighty Legion of Light, the Great Angelic Host, the Great Angel Devas, Gods of the Mountains, the God of Gold, and the God of Light!

In every age wherein great Perfection has reigned, gold has been in generous use because it is Pure, Life-giving Energy. Again mankind will come to use it freely in beautifying and decorating their buildings and homes.

Today let us accept forever all that is required, whether it be money, confidence, courage, happiness – whatever it may be! Let us accept the fullness of the “Mighty I AM Presence” flooding our world with it. It is for the use of all, Beloved Ones.

You cannot be limited in the Acknowledgement of your “Presence”; whether it be money you require, courage, confidence, Life, health, or strength – it is there. Think of it! Does that sound like a paradox?

In your Heart is all the gold you require for use. Do you realize, Precious Ones, there are three activities of gold? The metallic gold that you find in the Earth, the liquefied gold that has often been used in a very wondrous manner in those former days of Perfection, and then the Essence of Gold which is your Life.

I venture, earnest as you are, perhaps not a single one of you has realized when We ask you to flood yourself with the Golden Light, that It is the Essence from which metallic gold comes from.

Think of it! Think of it! You are using gold in its three activities; and then mankind will take each others’ lives for a few dollars of gold – when they are filled with it all the time! Perhaps these individuals have not quite so much of it, but still they have some.

I rejoice, Precious Ones, that you go forth different beings today, glorified with so much greater courage and confidence in your Application, in your ability, in your feeling that every limitation is absolutely gone down before you, and your pathway is one of Wondrous Light in which there is no human obstruction.

Will you not feel that and picture it before you? If there is any shadow attempts to come into that Light, say: 

“Oh, no you don’t; you are finished! I walk in this Pathway of my ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, and there is no human creation of mine or anybody else’s that is going to enter into that again.”

Use your determination again! Will you not do that for Me? For yourself?

My Joy is boundless for this humble Service which it has been My privilege to render today. Carry It with you always into your full Victory. Then one day when We meet in that Great Octave of Light – you, free Ascended Beings – then I shall shake your hand and welcome you there!

Until then, We shall often hold your hand in the closing pilgrimage upon Earth for you, and give you, through Our Radiation, that Freedom, Courage, and Confidence of your Victory;

for God, the “Mighty I AM Presence” in you, is your Certain Victory always.

I thank you.”



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