understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, just feel now as I draw, or cause the Messenger to draw, his hand over his body, will you just feel this now? Let Me give you this Assistance, will you not?

“‘Mighty I AM Presence’, sweep out of everyone every limiting discordant thing! Consume it in the Violet Consuming Flame this instant! And set each one free in the clear comprehension and feeling of his own ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ as the only Activity within his human form or world.”

Again:  “‘Mighty I AM Presence’! Sweep out of these human forms every limiting, discordant thing! Quickly dissolve and consume all discord in the Violet Consuming Flame!”

“‘Mighty I AM Presence’ , sweep through each human form! Sweep out every imperfection and every limitation that is within each one’s consciousness! Replace this by the Ascended Masters’ Substance and Intelligence to act there with full Power henceforth, to produce quickly the Mighty Manifestations of the ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ when called into Action. Hold Thy Dominion in the feeling world and give everyone this Mighty Confidence in their ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, Its full Power and Ability to do everything they ask It to do which is constructive!”

No Student of the “I AM” would ask his “Presence” to do anything that was not constructive; and if they do, the “Presence” would not do it.

Therefore, when We call the “Presence” into Action, We take it for granted that all want only constructive activity. Therefore, We bring into action today this Activity of the “Mighty I AM Presence” released within the Heart of the individual, to expand throughout the body quickly, expand throughout the home and world of activity, and to take command and hold Its Dominion there.

Will you, every one, accept that and feel It henceforth all-powerfully active?”



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