understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now Dear Ones, when the Blessed Ones have understood the Instructions given, there is no excuse for those things. It is no fault of the Instruction of the “I AM”.  It is the fault of the human who requalifies Life’s Energy, or some discarnate disturbing them.

Dear Hearts, here is one word I wish to offer you today in regard to the dismissal of discarnates. When you issue a Decree for the dismissal of a disembodied entity, do not let your feelings ever, even once again, feel that it has not been done. That is what is the matter with people who call for a discarnate to be removed. They feel it is still there. They may not know this in their outward feeling. For instance, at your Call every discarnate will be removed from within and about you.

Do you realize, Precious Ones, when you call the Angels of Blue Lightning to take out of your world the discarnates, it is a Law that has to act instantly, and it cannot fail to produce results?

If the aftereffect still remains in the consciousness of the individual, then you who might see that, make the Call to the “Presence” to take out of that consciousness any remaining feeling which might be there. Then you will give great assistance to the individual who may have had a reaction to it through habit in the feeling.

Remember, in your Application there is not one particle of it can fail, ever. While I am speaking to you, I am charging your feeling world with the Activity which gives you the Perfect Confidence, the Perfect Assurance that when you make Application, it must manifest.

This is the power and certainty I want every one of you precious ones to feel, because there is no need of your going on longer when you can be free in one mighty sweep.

Just as it is with this Good Messenger – the difference between his Application ten years ago and today – it is as different as Light and darkness, because now he has gained the full confidence and power of conviction that when he issues a Decree, it is done. It must be, because he does nothing to reverse it; and you must do the same thing! Many of you are.”



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